Trees, Shrubs and Wildflowers For Cheyenne – By Shane Smith

The following is a list of suitable trees, shrubs and sources for wildflowers prepared by the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens. For more information on any of these plants please contact the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens (307-637-6458) or the Cheyenne Forestry Department (307-637-6428). Be sure and also look at our list of trees and shrubs for drought conditions.


C. This plant is susceptible to iron deficiencies in our soil. This is seen when the new growth yellows. Add iron at recommended rates when this happens.

D. This plant can survive dry spells after it has been established for a few years.

F. This plant displays colorful leaves in the fall.

G. This plant is best used as a ground cover.

L. This plant is good if planted in low lying areas along the creek.

N. This plant is native to our area and is ideal for drier areas, however, it needs ample water in the first few years of establishment. It is also susceptible to overwatering after establishment.

S. This plant can tolerate growing in some shade.

Sh.    This plant, when mature, is a good shade tree.

Th.   This plant is thirsty for water year-round.

W. This plant has edible portions which attract wildlife.

NOTE: Trees and shrubs are doomed to failure if sod, grasses or weeds are growing directly under and around the plant especially during the first few years. All competing vegetation must be killed by tillage, hoeing, hand pulling or an approved herbicide for the first five to eight years of establishment. Avoid sweetening the hole with manure or compost. Trees especially do well with no amendments. Instead dig an extra wide hole!


Botanical NameCommon NameCode
Abies concolorConcolor FirD,N
Juniperus monospermaOneseed JuniperD
Juniperus scopulorumRky. Mtn. JuniperD,N
Juniperus virginianaEastern Red CedarD
Picea pungensColorado Blue SpruceD,N,L,Th
Picea aristataBristlecone PineD,N
Pinus edulisPinyon PineD,N,W
Pinus flexilisLimber PineD,N
Pinus ponderosaPonderosa PineD,N
Pinus nigraAustrian PineD


Botanical NameCommon NameCode
Acer ginnalaAmur MapleC,F,L
Acer tataricumTatarian MapleC,F,L
Aesculus sp.Horsechestnut, BuckeyeSh,F,L
Celtis occidentalisHackberrySh,D
Crataegus ambiguaRussian HawthornD,W
Crataegus laevigataCrimson Cloud HawthornD,W
Elaeagnus angustifoliaRussian OliveD
Fraxinus penn. ‘Patmore’Patmore Green AshSh,Th
Gleditsia triacanthosHoneylocustD
Malus sp.Flowering CrabappleSh,W,Th
Populus sp.CottonwoodSh,N
Quercus macrocarpaBur OakSh,F
Quercus bicolorSwamp White OakSh,F
Prunus padusMayday TreeSh
Sorbus aucupariaEuropean Mountain AshC,F,W
Tilia americanaAmerican LindenSh


Botanical NameCommon NameCode
Cercocarpus ledifoliusCurl Leaf Mountain MahogonyD,N
Pinus mugoMugo PineD
Juniperus chinensisPfitzer JuniperD
Juniperus communisCommon JuniperD,N
Juniperus sabinaSavin / broadmoor JuniperD
Juniperus horizontalisGroundcover JunipersD,G


Botanical NameCommon NameCode
Acer glabrumRocky Mountain MapleC,F,N
Acer grandidentatumBig-tooth MapleD,F,Th
Amelanchier alnifoliaNative ServiceberryN
Caragana arborescensSiberian PeashrubD
Cercocarpus montanusMountain MahoganyD,N
Chrysothamnus spp.RabbitbrushD,N
Cornus sericeaRedtwig DogwoodC,N,L
Cornus sericeaYellowtwig DogwoodC,L
Cotoneaster acutifoliaPeking CotoneasterW,Th
Fallugia paradoxaApache PlumeD,N
Forestiera neomexicanaNew Mexico PrivetN
Lonicera spp.HoneysuckleL
Perovskia atriplicifoliaRussian SageD
Physocarpus monogynusNative NinebarkS
Potentilla fruticosaPotentilla/CinquefoilC,D,N
Prunus americanaAmerican PlumC,N,W
Prunus besseyiWestern Sand CherryC,N,W
Prunus tomentosaNanking CherryC,W
Prunus virginianaChokecherryN,W
Ptelea trifoliataWafer AshF
Quercus gambeliGambel OakF,N
Rhus aromaticaDwarf Fragrant SumacF
Rhus glabra cismontanaRocky Mountain SumacF,N
Rhus trilobataSumacF
Ribes alpinaAlpine CurrantF,N,W
Ribes aureumYellow CurrantF,N,W
Ribes cereumEdible CurrantF,N,W
Rosa woodsiNative Pink RoseN,W,Sh
Rubus deliciosusThimbleberryN,W,Sh
Salix spp.WillowN,Th,L
Sambucus canadensisElderberryL,N,Th,W
Shepherdia argenteaSilver BuffaloberryN,W,L
Spirea spp.SpireaTh
Syringa chinensisLilacL,Th
Tamarix pentandraTamarixD,N
Viburnum spp.ViburnumTh
Yucca glaucaYucca/SoapweedN


Shop here first- There are also many other regional nurseries.

Cheyenne Landscaping12118 Deike Ct.307-634-6722
Grant’s Farm Market2120 E. Lincolnway307-635-2676
McIntyre’s Nursery3515 Dell Range307-637-7000
Riverbend Nursery8908 Yellowstone307-638-0147


Many wildflower seed mixes are not composed of Wyoming native plants. One of the best sources for native Wyoming wildflower seed is Wind River Seed Co., Rt. 1, Box 97, Manderson, WY 82432, Ph.# 307-568-3325. It is mainly a wholesale company but will take orders of $20.00 or more. Unlike many wildflower seed suppliers, their mixes include a majority of native species. The Cheyenne Botanic Gardens occasionally carries small quantities of wildflower seeds 307-637-6458.

Applewood Seed Co. also has many wildflower mixes and can be reached at 5380 Vivian St., Arvada, CO, 303-431-6283.

Also check with your local nurseries because they will often carry selections of these companies’ seeds.