Why such a small staff?

Most public gardens this size and scope would have an average of 20 plus full-time staff. The Cheyenne Botanic Gardens operates with a minimal staff, thanks in-part to its extensive use of community volunteers (primarily seniors, youth and handicapped individuals).

Tina Worthman


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Aaron Sommers

Paul Smith Children's Village Manager

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Nettie Eakes

Education & Outreach Horticulturist

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Isaiah Smith

Interior Horticulturist

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Eric Roadifer

Interior Operations Coordinator

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Jacob Mares

Exterior Horticulturist

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Amelia Bales

Events Coordinator

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Trudy Fox

Volunteer Coordinator

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Joey Varos

Maintenance Technician

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Friends of the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens Foundation Staff

Shane Smith

Foundation Executive Director

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Kristin Custis

Foundation Outreach Administrator

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Friends of the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens Board

Board Members

  • Ray Martin – Chairman
  • Renee Middleton – Vice-Chair
  • PJ Barrett – Treasurer
  • Derek Baker – Secretary
  • Cindy Pomeroy –  Past Chair
  • Ty Berry
  • Jerry Crader
  • Laura Lewis
  • Jill Lovato
  • Teresa Moore (Director of the City Department of Community Recreation and Events)
  • Diane Shober
  • Dr. Mark Rinne (City Council Representative)
  • Jeffrey Nieters
  • Lynn Simons – (Emeritus)
  • Steve Kline – (Emeritus)
  • Ermalinda Hernandez –  (Volunteer Representative)