Horticulture Shorts

Planting Zinnias

with Children’s Village Horticulturist Jessica Friis!

Starting Vegetables at Home

with Interior Horticulturist Isaiah Smith

Growing Morning Glories from Seed

with Children’s Village Horticulturist, Jessica Friis

Spring Cleaning a Perennial Flower Bed

Tidy up your Garden beds with Horticulture Supervisor, Nettie Eakes

Bonsai Pruning

Eric Roadifer our Interior Operations Coordinator, gives you tips for pruning your Bonsai!

Gardening on a Dime

Children’s Village Horticulturist Jessica Friis gives some tips for thrifty Gardening!

Need to know about Cocoa!

Interior Horticulturist Isaiah Smith shares some fun facts about our Cacao tree in the Conservatory!


Exterior Horticulturist Jacob Mares shares great tips for starting or maintaining your compost!