Paul Smith Children's Village Field Trips

  • Scheduled field trips will be in person at the Paul Smith Children’s Village – if permitted – as the majority of available lessons are best presented in-person.  Please refer to Field Trip Menu link.
  • Field trips can be conducted live, virtually, to your school classroom – available curriculum for virtual field trips are limited – Please refer to Field Trip Menu link.
  • $40 Per Class, 45 Minutes
  • We will only host one teacher’s school class at a time this year to accommodate social distance protocols and provide time for facility cleaning and material reset & supply between groups.
  • We will be wearing masks.  Masks are encouraged.
  • Field trips are conducted at 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday,and Thursdays

Paul Smith Children's Village Field Trip

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Conservatory Field Trips

For the time being conservatory field trips will consist of self guided tours. Groups are to call the main line at 307-637-6458 to schedule for the Grand Conservatory to self tour separately from Children’s Village field trips.