Understanding your soil is the first step to creating beautiful landscaping, a productive garden, and managing rangeland/pasture areas on your property. Bring a soil sample, or a few! This will be an interactive workshop with hands-on components, discussion, and sharing resources. Facilitator Samantha Day received her Masters Degree in Soil Science from the University of Wyoming in 2014, where she was studying the effects of disturbance from natural gas development on rangeland soils near Wamsutter, WY.

Specific topics covered at this workshop:

-General information about Southeastern Wyoming Soils, how they formed, common characteristics and complications
-How to estimate your basic soil properties yourself such as clay content, presence of salts, organic matter, water infiltration (bring your soil sample from home!)
-Understanding soil tests & results, when to do a soil test
-Foundational principals of a healthy, productive, & living soil: soil microorganisms, building organic matter, mulches
-Discuss soil management techniques based on goals of class attendees, which could range from small-scale composting for a home garden to managing salts on larger acreage

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