SOLD OUT! Start the growing season off right with Cheyenne Botanic Gardens & your fellow gardening neighbors! Whether you’re planning for a few tomatoes on the patio, your new raised beds, or you’re decades into your gardening career, this workshop is an opportunity to share and learn. Bring pictures, questions, soil samples, seeds to swap, seed catalogs, or nothing at all! We will gauge skill levels before the class and have some break-out sessions with mixed skill levels, some separated by skill level. For the beginners, we can hit the components of a basic garden plan before the end of the workshop. For the moderate and advanced crowds, Samantha will bring some ideas to help you further diversify your garden plans, whether your goal is to make your garden less labor intensive, integrate pollinator/companion planting, incorporate perennials, or simply to learn some new tips from the other attendees. Bring your friends and lets learn from each other, with a few interesting resources to complement as well.

Facilitator Samantha Day is the Interior Horticulturalist at CBG, and has spent 6 years working on organic farms & gardens with growing experience in Whitefish, MT; Taos, NM; Denver, CO; and central Nepal.

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