This class has been canceled for now due to restrictions and regulations to prevent the spread of disease and Covid-19. We will be issuing refunds to all that have purchased tickets and will look to re-schedule in future.


Ayurveda for Beginners: A Holistic Approach to Wellbeing

The vernal equinox is a perfect time to reset the physical, mental, and energetic systems in your body to “spring” into a greater sense of wellbeing. In this workshop, Emilie Comeau-Chen, E-RYT and Jill Lovato, MS, E-RYT will give an overview of Ayurveda and show you simple ways to use it to benefit your life.

Ayurveda, literally “science of life,” is an ancient and holistic health system with roots in India. After an introduction to Ayurveda, Emilie and Jill will help you determine your dosha or physical and psychological tendencies. We’ll discuss activities and foods to balance and support your individual dosha and end with a sampling of a traditional balancing soup (gluten-free, vegan).