Renovation & Expansion of Greenhouse

2012 Ballot Proposal

Renovation & Expansion of Greenhouse on August 21st Ballot 

The Greenhouse Faces Major Problems

Wall degradation due to condensation and humidity



The greenhouse’s high levels of humidit
y, condensation and wide temperature swings have caused accelerated wear and tear. 

Solution: Renovate all parts of the greenhouse with durable long-lasting materials.


Botanic Garden Volunteers

The Greenhouse is NOT handicap accessible
Volunteers and visitors who are handicap can not access the 2nd floor, restrooms or walkways. The government will soon force public structures to comply with accessible guidelines and consequently the greenhouse will lose 40% of its growing spaces.

Solution: Expand the greenhouse to make up for loss of production space and make the greenhouse handicap accessible.

One of 80 flower beds around town planted by volunteers




Lack of Growing Space

When the greenhouse is renovated to accommodate the disabled, widened aisles will result in a 40% loss of growing space. The Gardens are already unable to meet current demands for community beautification.

Solution: Expand the greenhouse to meet current and future needs of our community.

One of over 100 volunteers who grow the plants


Unstable funding
The Botanic Gardens has a long history of operating in a frugal manner by utilizing volunteers, community donations and renewable energy. However, an expanded greenhouse will increase operating costs.

Solution: Provide spaces that will generate revenue to cover greenhouse expenses (i.e rentable spaces for events, weddings and a museum store).

Dangerous park intersection to be replaced along with safer pedestrian walkways


Dangerous intersection in South Lions Park
and pedestrian pathways

The intersection at Carey Avenue and S. Lions Park Drive has a sharp turn creating a dangerous intersection, especially for school buses.  Pedestrians face crosswalk safety concerns at the Children’s Village.

Eliminate the dangerous intersection and crosswalk and replace it with a safer intersection as well as more pedestrian friendly pathways for increased safety.

Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions about the proposed renovation, Expansion and Park Safety improvements.


All of these problems will be solved for the next generation
thanks to the passage of the Botanic Gardens 6th penny proposal
on the August 21, 2012 ballot (56% for passage).

The Cheyenne Botanic Gardens  is more than just a place that grows “posies.”

Click here to see what the Gardens
really do for greater Cheyenne.

Features available after the renovation and expansion

Increased space-Better accommodate volunteers, school groups and community gatherings, classes and events.

Increased plant production-Beautify all of Cheyenne’s current and future park and city plantings.

Stabilized funding—Through revenues from rentable spaces (i.e. weddings, museum store, event space, etc.) enabling the Gardens to reduce the need for tax dollars.

Scope pavilion/educational exhibit-A real submarine periscope (donated by the US Navy), along with microscopes and telescopes.

Road Alignment-A safer intersection entering South Lions Park, along with safer pedestrian interaction with traffic.

August 21, 2012  6th  Penny Ballot Proposal 

$14 million for renovation and construction:

  • Lions Park road safety rework (2.3 million)
  • Renovation of the existing structure
  • Expansion for plant production & revenue

$2 million for an operation and maintenance

Total= $16 million