Features available after renovation/expansion

Once the renovation/expansion is completed what can visitor look forward to in the way of new features, capabilities and programming. Here is a glimpse of what we can look forward to: 

Construction Sign

Increased plant production

Increased plant production-Beautify Cheyenne’s current and future park and city plantings with new additional production space. With this new space the Botanic Gardens will better be able to keep up with beautifying Cheyenne’s future parks and parkways.

The Botanic Gardens greenhouse will enable the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens to further move into the mission of being a public science center- enhancing what has already begun with the Paul Smith Children’s Village.

Navy periscope

The Kiwanis Periscope- A real submarine periscope (donated by the US Navy through the local Navy Reserve) that saw service on three different submarines will be located on the second floor of the new Greenhouse. It will allow people to view across the Park, the City of Cheyenne and across to the High Plains and Rocky Mountains. The periscope will help us teach about our landscape and ecosystem. It will also be instructive of both optics and US military history.

Specialized classroom that features microscope projection- There will be a small classroom dedicated to activities relating to the natural world. It will also feature a number of projection microscopes that will allow students of all ages to learn from the microscopic world. Whether you are looking at pollen grains, fungus growing on a plant or the eyes of an insect, there will always be something new and fun to observe.

Telescope viewing area on rooftop garden– There will be a third floor access to a rooftop area that is being designed for telescope viewing. This space will also house an exterior display of bonsai plants.

Road Re-alignment-
We will be replacing a dangerous intersection that had a non-standard sharp turn with a new safer “T” intersection.

Road Elimination- The road between the Greenhouse and the Paul Smith Children’s Village will be eliminated. This road has been a a site for constant close calls with people (mostly children) and cars. Access to Sloans lake parking and the boat dock will not be sacrificed as a new connection to these areas will be served from the North Lions Park Drive street (the same street that accesses the Kiwanis Community House).
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Increased space for gatherings – There will be three new meeting areas that will allow for better accommodation of volunteers, school groups, and community gatherings, classes and events. This space can be also be rented for weddings, receptions, family reunions, conferences and corporate events (see increased revenues below).

Rentable Spaces-
Revenues from rentable spaces (i.e. from weddings, receptions, family reunions, conferences and corporate events) will enable the Gardens to reduce the need for tax dollars. New meeting space will be enhanced with the addition of a small catering kitchen making it easier to allow for food service at events. These rooms will have the feel of being in a tropical space with views of both Lions Park and Sloans Lake.

Museum Store– A botanic garden is a museum of sorts with a curated collection that educates and entertains. Every great museum has a store. We are planning a small retail space where the thousands of tourists can purchase memorable gifts relating to the Botanic Garden operation. This will provide much needed revenues that will offset the need for operational tax dollars.

Winters are long in Cheyenne, but now there will be a place of respite under a tropical canopy of plants. These special plants will be interpreted and exhibits will be constantly changing to provide educational stimulus. Many areas will be available for sitting within the new Greenhouse/Conservatory on both the ground floor as well as having green, planted balconies on the second and third floors. Imaging reading a book in the fragrant, humid Cheyenne tropics on a cold winter day or meet your significant other there for a short stroll or lunch.

Currently, the second floor of the old greenhouse is inaccessible to people with certain disabilities, as are the restrooms and many walkways. As part of this renovation and expansion, all restrooms and most all areas will become accessible and meet current ADA standards. One elevator will be able to serve both the old Greenhouse and the new Greenhouse/conservatory.

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