Our Gardens


Off of Carey Avenue, take North Lions Park Drive towards the Kiwanis Community House, then turn north on the road adjacent to the locomotive. Continue on this road along Sloans Lake, park along the lake, cross the parking lot at the green barricades and you will be on the grounds of the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens. The existing greenhouse building is a yellow building.

Dear Friend of the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens

THE GRAND CONSERVATORY will be a facility that can be enjoyed by every city and county resident— old to young, of all abilities. It will be a place where everyone goes and everyone grows- people will find respite here from their busy days, the winter and the wind.

The Cheyenne Botanic Gardens has always been a place of celebration. More memories will be made in the new conservatory: romances, marriages, family reunions, proposals and more. Children will find delight and learning opportunities.

The new Grand Conservatory will grow our community’s tourism, educate the public, add to our ability to attact new industry, and enhance our overall quality of life.

We believe that THE GRAND CONSERVATORY and renovated Greenhouse will be one of our community’s most treasured gathering places.

We have several opportunities for you to be a part of this community treasure by leaving a lasting legacy and Grow Our Gardens.

With warm regards,

Shane SmithDirector,
Cheyenne Botanic Gardens


Opportunities to Leave a Legacy in the New Grand Conservatory

A Grand Conservatory Building $1,000,000
B Themed Conservatory $75,000
C Waterfall and Small Pond $100,000
D Catering Kitchen $75,000
E North Outdoor Patio $25,000
F Main Floor Meeting Room $100,000
G Solar Patio $100,000
H Orangerie Patio $20,000
I Outdoor Entryway Sculpture $100,000
J Electronic Kiosk $25,000
K Bridge $50,000
L OmniGlobe Earth Station $100,000
M Demonstration Kitchen $15,000
N Bride's Dressing Room $65,000
O Third Floor Balcony $50,000
P Bonsai House $50,000

Grand Conservatory Building

Donate $1,000,000

This is the iconic naming right where the entire Grand Conservatory can be named as a lasting legacy. The building will forever be referred to as the (Your Name Here) Grand Conservatory at the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens. The name will be displayed above the front door and on all signage, brochures and web site.

Themed Conservatory

Donate $75,000

This is a small separate greenhouse room attached to the main conservatory where themed changing exhibits can be displayed. Temperature and humidity can be adjusted to accommodate rotating exhibits such as orchid shows, bromeliads, butterflies and more.

Waterfall and Small Pond

Donate $100,000

This greenhouse waterfall will be an important feature of the Grand Conservatory. The waterfall will add to the tropical ambience with the tranquil sound of splashing water.

Catering Kitchen

Donate $75,000

A designated kitchen with restaurant-quality equipment to better enable caterers to set up for special events at the Gardens.

North Outdoor Patio

Donate $25,000

This outdoor garden space will be located directly off the Main Floor Meeting Room. This Patio will be available for groups using the meeting room as well as other groups wanting a beautiful outdoor space with a spectacular view of Sloans Lake.

Main Floor Meeting Room - SOLD

Donate $100,000

This flexible space will be used for Garden meetings, classes as well as receptions, meetings for community organizations and events. A room divider will allow two groups at a time to use the space. This room can seat approximately 127 for presentations.

Solar Patio

Donate $100,000

This outdoor space is located between the Grand Conservatory and the Paul Smith Children’s Village. The Grand Conservatory will provide a perfect wind block to the northwest while having great solar exposure enabling outdoor enjoyment even on windy days. The patio is designed to hold tents for special events and has access to a catering services area.

Orangerie Patio - SOLD

Donate $20,000

Taking advantage of our great summer weather, this small outdoor patio will be located on the south side of the Orangerie. The Patio will expand the Orangerie space during good weather.

Outdoor Entryway Sculpture

Donate $100,000

Our hope is to have an iconic large outdoor sculpture or sculptures near the main entry of the Grand Conservatory. This sculpture must communicate the mission of the Gardens. Sculpture must first receive approval from the City of Cheyenne as well as the Friends of the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens board.

Electronic Kiosk

Donate $25,000

An electronic information sign near the entry of the Grand Conservatory to assist with information on events, directions in the building, showcase short videos, exhibits information and more.


Donate $50,000

A second story bridge connects the Grand Conservatory to the older existing Greenhouse via the second oor. This window lined bridge provides sitting areas with great views of the grounds of the surrounding gardens, including the Fred Baggs Lily Pond and views to south Lions Park.

OmniGlobe Earth Station

Donate $100,000

In keeping with the Garden’s emphasis on science education and learning, this high-tech glass globe displays a 360 degree view of our planet. Using a simple touch screen kiosk, the public can learn about earth systems including real-time planetary weather, plate tectonics, ocean floor, vegetation cover and even views of other planets and moons in our solar system.

Demonstration Kitchen

Donate $15,000

A portable kitchen used to demonstrate cooking and other learning opportunities using food organic materials from the Gardens.

Bride’s Dressing Room

Donate $65,000

The Cheyenne Botanic Gardens is a desirable space for weddings, photo opportunities and other community events and private parties. We will now have a special Bride’s Dressing Room that provides a private space with mirrors, sink and other amenities.

Third Floor Balcony - SOLD

Donate $50,000

On the third floor, there is yet another balcony overlook within the Grand Conservatory. Like the second floor balcony, it too will be filled with potted plants and benches and will provide a great view of the entire interior of the Grand Conservatory.

Bonsai House - SOLD

Donate $50,000

Bonsais are a treasured Japanese art form. Our Bonsai house is a wooden lathe structure located on the third floor outdoor rooftop garden. It allows for our extensive bonsai collection to be outside in the warmer months, which many plants require, and provides a secure location.


Long considered the most beautiful place in Cheyenne, the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens transform each spring and summer as the seasons change. Birds abound, flower gardens flourish, and the grounds are lively with the excited cries and conversations of visitors of all ages.

Beautifying the grounds and greenhouse of the Gardens is our first responsibility, but there are others. The Gardens plants and maintains flower beds throughout the City of Cheyenne including the parks, parkways and the Depot Square. These beds make the entire community a beautiful place to live, work and play.

THE GRAND CONSERVATORY will offer breathtaking destinations—from the tropical ambience to the patios that overlook Sloan’s Lake, to the view of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.

Andy and Barbara Andrikopoulos always appreciated the beauty, culture and peace they found at the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens. In Barbara’s view, the Gardens, and especially the New Grand Conservatory, is similar to hosting a nice dinner party. “You prepare by setting out your best china and the sterling silver, but the floral centerpiece is the focus of the elegant table. That is what the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens is to Cheyenne, the grand centerpiece.” Barbara and Andy are leaving a legacy in the New Grand Conservatory with the naming of the Anthony Andrikopoulos Orangerie.



With the addition of the Paul Smith Children’s Village in 2009, the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens became a destination for education and learning with a twist of mischief. In 2015 nearly 5000 school children participated in field trips at the Children’s Village and hosted over 41,000 visitors. The funds for the Children’s Village were raised privately without any taxpayer dollars.

Adults find as much inspiration as the children at the Botanic Gardens. Our volunteers contributed over 7000 hours in 2015, and enriched their lives with hands-on learning at the same time. We cound not do what we do without our selfless and enthusiastic volunteers. They are our most valuable resource.

The community benefits as well from the expertise of the Gardens director, Shane Smith. His gardening tips are published daily in the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle and in the Casper Star Tribune. In addition, he provides help through his weekly radio show.

The GRAND CONSERVATORY will contain a specially designed classroom which will offer classes of all kinds. Not only will there be programs on gardening, but also on such life enrichment offerings as painting, cooking, flower arranging, and more. Other features of the classroom will be the Navy-donated submarine periscope, providing visitors a “new outlook” on the community. An OmniGlobe will provide a high-tech interactive way to view our planet and our entire galaxy, enabling visitors to watch real-time weather patterns and tectonic movements.



The new GRAND CONSERVATORY was envisioned to be completed and fully furnished within the amount approved by the voters in the 2012 6th-penny optional sales tax. Construction bids, however, proved to exceed the amount available from the tax levy. The Board of Directors of the not-for-profit Friends of the Botanic Gardens determined to do all it could to meet the expectations of the voters, regardless of the tax shortfall.

As we look forward to its completion in 2017, the hard-working Board has kicked off a campaign to raise the funds that will make the new GRAND CONSERVATORY as complete as the community envisioned it.

Grow Our Gardens is the campaign to allow businesses, industries, families, and individuals to step up and leave a permanent legacy in honor of a loved one or interest.

If you have an interest in ways to help support your community gardens and leave a permanent legacy, please contact the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens at 307.637.6458.