High Plains Arboretum

The Cheyenne Botanic Gardens is in the beginning stage of developing a 62 acre public arboretum on the location of the former historic USDA High Plains Horticulture Station located west of Warren Air Force Base. This is a place where many hardy trees, shrubs and flowers were developed for survival on the High Plains, and distributed to encourage the development of communities in this climate-challenged part of America.

 “The settling of the High Plains was greatly aided by the many trees, shrubs, flowers and food plants introduced by the High Plains Horticulture Research Station”
-Shane Smith

Plants: While it is a beautiful and historic site, due to the newness of the creation of this arboretum and a lack of funds, interpretation is sparse. However, many of the important plants do have interpretation. Numerous plants from the High Plains Arboretum have been chosen as part of the Plant Select Program operated by Colorado State University and Denver Botanic Gardens and are available for sale.

Click here for a map for a self guided tour of 60 notable trees and shrubs at the High Plains Arboretum.

Both the Cheyenne Urban Forestry division and the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens are working with the limited resources that they have to preserve, the existing plants, restore plantings and add new plants of note with the additional help from the Friends of the High Plains Arboretum and Friends of the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens.

Click here for a detailed map that includes a number of special trees and shrubs

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