Community Garden Program

About the Cheyenne Botanic Garden community garden program

The Cheyenne Botanic Gardens operates two community gardens on our site in Lions Park: the North Community Garden and the South Community Garden. Demand to participate in these gardens is often so high that we are unable to fulfill every request for a garden. Sometimes there is a waiting list. There is a nominal fee to have a garden and gardeners are expected to maintain their plot in good condition throughout the season.

For more information on our Community Garden Program or wish to be placed on the waiting list to participate, please contact Lacey Fisher at 307-637-6458.

If the South Community Garden is having long term water problems please click here


Cheyenne's first modern day community garden 1978-1986.

Cheyenne’s first modern day community garden 1978-1986.

The Cheyenne Botanic Gardens created the first modern day community program in Wyoming since the days of the WWII Victory Gardens. In 1978, the first gardens were created at its original site east of Cheyenne, back when it operated as the Cheyenne Community Solar Greenhouse. Back then the operation included a communal garden where everyone grew food together and shared in the harvest as well as individual plots. The site also included a chicken coop that housed turkeys and geese as well as bee hives. The turkeys were used as a grasshopper control with kids working off court imposed fines herding turkeys through the gardens leaving the beds grasshopper free. Shane Smith fondly remembers “we would then butcher the turkeys for our Thanksgiving potlucks for the volunteers. The birds reached up to 25 lbs in size.” Shane laughs when he remembers how a bunch of city folk faced the challenge of exactly how to butcher and clean a turkey for consumption.

The Cheyenne Community Solar Greenhouse also operated a community garden at the site of the current day King Soopers grocery store and in a vacant lot next to the historic Tivoli Building in downtown Cheyenne.

When the Botanic Garden operation moved to its current site in 1986, a new community garden was one of the first landscapes developed.

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