Volunteer Application

Volunteers make our gardens grow.
There wouldn’t be a Cheyenne Botanic Gardens without volunteers.

Our need for volunteers varies with the season and other ongoing activities.

Please understand that we have a very small staff and we can only supervise a limited number of volunteers. There are often times when applicants are placed on a waiting list until we need more volunteers.

Please fill out and submit the form below. You should hear from us within 10 days. Don’t hesitate to email or call Bailey Hallwachs at 307-637-6458 with any questions or concerns.

(includes volunteering for both inside and outside the Botanic Gardens and Children’s Village)

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Please Take a few minutes to share with us your interests and skills.
We would like to use your time efficiently while ensuring you enjoy
your activities here. Please rate the following volunteer tasks from
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Please rate each line as to your level of interest . . . .
(5 is most interesting to 1 being the least interesting).

Greeting and orienting visitors:
Helping with educational programs/events in the community:
Giving tours to visitors:
Leading programs/helping staff teach programs:
Outdoor gardening & clean-up:
Greenhouse gardening/ indoor clean-up:
Maintenance (landscape, benches, pond, general repairs):
Communication: making signs, tags and visitor information:
Maintaining plant records (mostly computer work and lamination):
Working with kids at the Children's Village (day camps, bus tours, etc) :
Assisting with office work (mailings, filing, data entry, organizing, event planning):
Special Events (fundraisers, parties, performances on the grounds, etc.):
Marketing and fundraising for the Friends of the Botanic Gardens foundation:
Helping keep the facilities tidy:
Describe why you are interested in volunteering with us in general?
What are your interests and hobbies (related and unrelated to gardening)?
Do you speak any languages other than English?
What do you hope to learn and/or gain from your volunteer experience at the Botanic Gardens?

Which do you enjoy (check any that apply):

Short Term Projects:
Long-term Projects:
Working with children:
Filing / organizing:
Detailed/ "fussy" work:
Repairs construction:
Outdoor work:
Indoor Work:
Public Speaking:
Computer Work:
Would you prefer to work mornings or afternoons?

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Would you be willing to work occasional weekends if provided sufficient training?
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Special Events
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Please list the title you held at your last job. If college student, please list your major.
Please list any past training or class work that may be relevant to volunteering at the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens.
Please list any previous volunteer experience (where, when, and what):
How did you find out about and become interested in volunteering at the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens? If someone referred you, please list their name.
Are you a member of the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)?

Emergency Contact Information- Please list the best person to contact in case of an emergency.

Name of emergency contact:
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Please list any pre-existing conditions (i.e. diabetes, epilepsy, heart problems, etc.) so that we may better be able to assign appropriate volunteer duties.
Some medications increase reactivity to the sun and plants. They may also affect balance. Please list any medications which we should be aware of, so that we can assign appropriate volunteer activities that don't add risks to your health:

If you are under the age of 18, please list below your custodial parent(s) contact information including name(s) and best phone numbers in case of an emergency and their place of employment.
(Skip this section if you are over 18 years old.)

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