Join artist Georgia Rowswell for her Life Rings Workshop here at the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens. The Life Rings project is narrative rich art work whose circular design is inspired by the concentric growth or, life rings of trees. The artwork’s narrative comes from the stories connected to and told through the textiles participants bring with them. The class is inspired by dendrochronology, the tracking of a tree’s life and development through its growth rings. As human’s our lives are also layers of experience. Years of plenty and years of hardship. The circular design of the artwork and its use of personally significant material will serve to tell a portion of each participant’s life story. Participants will be guided through the process of making a life ring to take home and will be supported in writing their story. $20 a person for the workshop and payment includes both dates, the class will be split into two dates to give enough time for the workshop to be complete. Call 307-637-6458 to register or visit our Facebook page for the link. Space is limited, registration suggested.