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Windowsill Herbs

Culinary herbs are easy to grow given the right environment. First, select a location that receives close to 6 hours of sunlight. A typical winter home temperature of 68 degrees is perfect for growing most herbs. Don’t set your plants near a cool draft or heater vent. Some of the easiest herbs for windowsill growing include basil, parsley (use a deep pot), rosemary, cilantro, and sage. Try to also use new potting soil and start with a small clean pot (2 to 3 inches) for starting seeds. Bury the seeds twice as deep as they are wide and maintain moisture until the seeds germinate. Then water only when the tip of the soil starts to feel dry. After a month or two, up-pot the plant into a minimum 6 to 8 inch pot and set the pot in a waterproof saucer. A few weeks after you up-pot them be sure to fertilize regularly as you would normal houseplants.

Fresh herbs are always better than dried. Buying fresh herbs leaves in the grocery’s produce department is expensive. Growing your own will save you money and make an attractive addition to the windowsill. There are many pre-planted windowsill herb kits that provide the seeds, pots and soil to make it even easier.