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Plant an impenetrable spruce hedge

Blue spruce hedge at the Botanic Gardens

Hedges are living fences. They block wind, noise, neighbors and enclose space with a green wall. One unusual choice for a hedge is the common blue spruce.

A spruce hedge is both impenetrable and green year-round. The Cheyenne Botanic Gardens has a great example of a spruce hedge. We started with low cost, small blue spruce trees, which if left to their own, would grow into full-sized trees.They were planted in a straight line on 4′ centers.

By simply pruning the tips each June, we were able to trigger intense bushiness. Then as they approached the desired size and height, we began shaping the hedge with regular pruning (about once or twice each year in June and sometimes again later in the summer). Unlike many hedges, a spruce hedge totally impenetrable to people, dogs and the wind. It also a great wildlife habitat as it it always filled with many different birds who enjoy the protection that this hedge provides.