Tree removal due to construction

Tree removal due to construction

Nobody loves trees more than the staff and volunteers at the Cheyenne Botanic Garden. Every effort has been made to minimize the removal of trees. However, in order to utilize a narrow site for construction and increase safety for park pedestrians, a number of ponderosa pine trees located between the old greenhouse’s parking lot and the Children’s Village have been removed.

The following was considered in the removal.

* These trees were at risk.
Like thousands of ponderosas in Cheyenne, these trees are at a high risk of being killed by the pine beetle. We had to weigh a total design change to save trees that may not have made it through the next few years anyway.

*  We will practice responsible recycling.
Unlike most trees that are cut down, these trees will be milled and recycled into construction lumber for use in construction of the new greenhouse.

*  These trees will be replaced by tropical trees.
In the exact place of these trees, there will soon be tropical trees growing that the public can enjoy and sit under in the new tropical greenhouse/​conservatory even in the dead of winter.

*  Outside replacement.
There will be significantly more new trees planted in the new exterior landscape surrounding the building than the number of trees that were removed.