More than just a Garden

The volunteer and community-oriented Cheyenne Botanic Gardens has a rich 35-year history of doing more with less.

The community has invested its time and personal funds to reap a rich harvest.

It is much more than just a place that grows plants, it is a diverse institution hand-built by the community and treasured by all who experience it.

The Cheyenne Botanic Gardens provides:

An education center
Information for home owners about landscaping, water conservation, solar energy and gardening.

A science center
Every local student visits the Gardens to experience biology, botany, ecology, horticulture, insects, renewable energy and art.

Top tourist destination
  Over 73,000 people visited last year from 50 states and 30 countries.

A senior and volunteer center 
Senior, youth and handicap volunteers provide over 90% of the physical labor at the Gardens.

A youth
counseling and work center
  Youth work at the Gardens as a deferment from courts and schools, as well as award programs.


A city nursery  Volunteers grow over 50,000 plants for over 80 city flower beds and nine acres of specialty landscapes.

A place for rehabilitation and therapy

Volunteers receive therapy working at the Gardens.


A place where the community marks its milestones
Through weddings, senior and family photographs or just a special day.

Icon of Community pride
The Gardens have been awarded by three sitting US Presidents and Harvard, while also recognized in The New York TimesImage: ribbon cutting at the Children’s Village.