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Make your own hollyhock dolls

Hollyhock9 250x250 Make your own hollyhock dollsHollyhocks are either biennials or short lived perennials. They create an old fashioned look with blooms on top of 8-​​foot-​​tall flower spikes which provide a nice backdrop to the perennial garden. They readily reseed and come in most every color. Hollyhocks thrive in full sun and average to poor soil, and require little care other than to enjoy the blooms.

Hollyhock Dolls
Here is how you can make a hollyhock doll without any toothpicks, complete with eyes (and green lips!).

Hollyhock1 Make your own hollyhock dolls

Find and pluck a hollyhock flower bud that is just about to open but not showing its petals just yet.


Hollyhock6 Make your own hollyhock dolls

Carefully peel away all the green sepals (the green leaf like structures that enclose the bud). All that should be left is where the green stem was attached. Do not peel the colored petals.  Notice five little V-​​shaped, dark indentations for future reference.


Holllyhock7 250x180 Make your own hollyhock dolls

Locate a small woody stick (preferably with a sharp end). Push the sharp end into one of the V-​​shaped five indentations (located in white portion of the peeled flower bud). The goal is to use the stick to slightly widen the indentation into a little bit larger opening. Discard the stick.


Hollyhock4 250x225 Make your own hollyhock dolls

Pluck another fully opened hollyhock flower with a stem and then pinch the tip of the flower stem so that it is pointed.


hollyhock8 250x181 Make your own hollyhock dolls

Take the flower bud with the widened indentation and place it on the pointed stem of the fully opened hollyhock flower.

Hollyhock9 250x250 Make your own hollyhock dolls

Now you have your doll. Notice how the V-​​shaped indentations become the doll’s “eyes.”