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Gardens hit by massive hail

Hail damageThe Cheyenne Botanic Gardens felt Mother Nature’s wrath on both Tuesday, June 24, and again on July 13th, as plants were leveled by hail storms that hit Cheyenne. Though the hail itself in both storms was only marble sized, the long duration and force of the storms made it devastating.

“Our plants were just beginning to bloom and look picturesque, it will take weeks to regroup and replant our beds. Thankfully, we have a hard working staff and wonderful volunteers. However, because of a shortage of both replacement plants and funds, we are gladly accepting donations to purchase plants to fill-in beds that were damaged by the hail,” said Director, Shane Smith.

To make an online donation click here,  or contact : Trudy Fox, Cheyenne Botanic Gardens, 710 S. Lions Park Dr. Cheyenne, WY 82001.