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Expansion Renovation Details

Construction Sign
In August of 2012 Laramie County voters gave a thumbs up to the proposal to renovate the existing Cheyenne Botanic Gardens Greenhouse, add to the greenhouse space with the construction of a new greenhouse/conservatory and rework roads in South Lions Park for increased safety and accessibility.
Read more about the problems to be solved and the 2012 ballot proposal here.

There are many common questions that we get about this upcoming construction. Here are some answers to those questions.
Q. When will construction begin?
A. Construction has begun

Click on this image to see full size road changes

Q. How will the roads be changed in the park during and after construction?

  1. The intersection of Carey Ave. and South Lions Park Drive will be relocated to the south, creating a safer “T” intersection at Carey Ave.
  2. The current Botanic Gardens parking lot will be relocated to the area south of the old greenhouse and the Herb and Rose Garden.
  3. The road between the Botanic Gardens Parking Lot and the Paul Smith Children’s Village will be removed. Access to the boat docks will be from the north entering on the same road to the Kiwanis Community House on North Lions Park Drive.
  4. Temporary parking for the Paul Smith Children’s Village will be relocated to the Old Community House’s parking lot located just east of the Village.
  5. A temporary parking lot will be built south of the old greenhouse and entrance to the greenhouse will change to the double southern doors.

Q. Will the Botanic Gardens be closed during construction?
A. Both the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens Conservatory/Greenhouse and offices as well as the Paul Smith Children’s Village will remain open, with the exception of brief construction related closures.

Q. What will become of the old Greenhouse?
A. It will be totally refurbished and then it will mainly be a plant production facility (bedding plants, food, flowers etc.). It will also include some offices and a volunteer locker room and volunteer break room. It will be open to the public on most days.

Q. Will there be any trees removed in the park?
A. No one loves trees more than the staff and volunteers at the Botanic Garden. Every effort has been made to minimize the removal of trees. However, in order to utilize the narrow site, there have been some trees already removed. These include:

  1. A few smaller trees east of Discovery Pond for road access.

    Click to see which trees are to be milled into lumber for construction

  2. A number of ponderosa pines located between the old greenhouse’s parking lot and the Children’s Village- to make room for the new greenhouse/conservatory.
    * Like most ponderosas, these have been infected by beetles.
    * Unlike most trees that are removed  in the City these trees will be milled into construction lumber and used in the new greenhouse.
    * In the exact place of these trees there will soon be tropical trees growing that the public can enjoy and sit under in the new tropical greenhouse/conservatory.
  3. Any trees that can be transplanted, will be.
  4. There will be significantly more new trees planted in the new landscape surrounding the building than the number of trees that will be removed.

 Q. What are the impacts of this new construction on the overall green space in Lions Park?

A. The relocation of South Lions Park Drive will actually be shorter than the old road location (by almost a third), and because the new parking lot is not much larger than the original parking lot, there will be a minimum loss of green space in Lions Park.

Approximate location of un-irrigated southeast Lions Park set to be irrigated. Click to enlarge

The new Greenhouse technically is a building, but it is green inside with tropical trees, flowers and plants. Therefore this area should be considered green space.
In addition, the Cheyenne Parks and Recreation has decided to add additional new irrigated turf in an area in southeast Lions park where there is currently no irrigation to make up for irrigated park land that is lost due to the construction associated with the renovation and expansion.

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