Women’s Civic League Peace Garden

I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.- John Burroughs 

The Women’s Civic League Peace Garden is a place of reflection, inspiration and education.

This garden was first envisioned by Jane Sabes who funded the initial design. The Women’s Civic League funded the construction. This is a garden that is full of inspirational quotes both on pavers and blocks. It is a garden in bloom most of the summer and a favorite site for quiet contemplation as well as weddings, and memorial services.

A Garden For Peace

The Women’s Civic League Peace Garden located in the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens has been awarded induction into the international network of Gardens for Peace. The Women’s Civic League Peace Garden exemplifies the Gardens for Peace ideals. The Peace Garden features inspirational quote stones, flower beds, potted plantings, and a fountain in a V-shaped area surrounded by trees providing a quiet sanctuary.

For more information about the Gardens for Peace network, visit their website at www.gardensforpeace.org

Gardens for Peace is a non-profit organization that promotes the concept of the garden as a place of meditation and peace. Gardens have long been refuges where people can be at peace and in harmony with themselves, their world and nature. Gardens for Peace hopes to make people of all cultures and nations more aware of the historical and symbolic significance of the garden.

The Peace Garden is the most popular site on the Cheyenne Botanic Garden grounds for weddings, is widely used for photography, picnics, reading, quiet contemplation and children love splashing in the fountain! It maintains its beauty and solace year round with visitors wandering around reading the quotes, taking pause, and making notes. Some even do rubbings by laying paper over the quote stone and rubbing with a medium such as charcoal to transfer the quote to the paper for a keepsake.

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