Rotary Century 1700’s Plaza

"In gardening, all things useful are beautiful." --Tovah Martin 

The 1700 plaza includes a native plant collection where you can find a number of native (High Plains) plants in bloom most of the spring, summer and fall. You will also find a collection of native grasses (including the Legacy Buffalo grass) along with many notable shrubs. Included in this you will find the Wyoming State Flower, the Indian Paint Brush.

Here you will find benches with inlaid sculptures depicting the life of the Native Americans that passed through this territory. You will also find interesting quotes describing the landscape of the 1700s and important people plant relationships.

In the 1700s plaza you will find imprinted tracks of the common animals found in the Cheyenne area in the 1700s. This area shows a comparison of the Grizzly and Brown Bear footprints