Discovery Pond, Zigzag Walkway, Gazebo

If you pass by the color purple in a field and don't notice it, God gets real pissed off. - Alice Walker 

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Discovery Pond was opened in 2001. It was first funded by an anonymous grant and that grant enabled us to find a number of matching and other grants that eventually totaled $300,000.

When the Botanic Gardens moved to this site in Lions park in 1986, we inherited a foul smelling one-foot pond that was foul smelling and didn’t support much life. Based upon our 1997 master plan, the pond was dredged to 8 feet to support a healthy fish ecosystem , and we created a native wet land habitat on the west side.

The space was interpreted by 6th grade elementary school students who first took training and workshops in interpretation, wetlands ecology, natural art and writing. As a result, we took the work that they created and had crafted bronze plaques with both the student’s interpretation and art. The kids also planted

A native wetland was planted and a local Boy Scout created a sign on the north side of the pond that talks about non-game native fish of Wyoming. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department stocked the pond with non-game native fish. The site was transformed from a foul smelling watery wasteland to a vibrant wetland that supports thousands of species of plants, birds and fish.

To allow for more immersion in a wetland we have created a zig-zag path over the wetland connected to two handicapped accessible docks, one of which features a solar powered (night lights) gazebo. The idea of going at a zig-zag over water is based on a Japanese myth that says you lose the devil if you go at right angles over water. This is always a great place to view wildlife in the park.

By special request, teachers can check out a Discovery Pond Science tub that enables students to further explore the site in more depth.