Brief History: The High Plains Arboretum is 62 acres of what was once woody plant research blocks as part of the 2,870 acre USDA Cheyenne High Plains Horticultural Research Station. From 1928 through the mid 1970’s the research station’s goals were to find, breed and release trees, shrubs and flowers that would survive in the challenging climate of the High Plains to further encourage settlement of the High Plains. With many successful plant introductions, it is one of the nation’s important historic horticultural sites.

The station is located five miles northwest of Cheyenne at an elevation of 6,200 feet. After the mid 1970s, the research station’s emphasis was changed to range land research which continues today.

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“The settling of the High Plains was greatly aided by the many trees, shrubs, flowers and food plants introduced by the High Plains Horticulture Research Station”

-Shane Smith