Hose Bib Backup

Suggestion: you might want to print this page and bring it along with you before coming up to the garden.

If the main water is turned off we will try to activate a backup watering hose using a frost free bib located below the garden along a sidewalk and then run the hose up to the the South Community Garden.

It is our hope to have leave this hose pressurized for you. Simply go up to the garden and  turn on a hose valve to activate. There may be two hose valves right on the hose. One valve would be right next to the nozzle, the other might be between two hose sections. If there is no water after turning on the valves, it indicates that the water may have gotten turned off at the bib.

To turn the bib valve back on you must first locate the bib. It is East of the Community Garden along the lower path that is going between the Peace Garden to Discovery Pond. It is blue on a silver pipe and looks like a water pump on a water pipe. It stands about 4′ tall. Once you find the bib follow the following:

By pulling the ring down you divert the water from splashing
on the ground to going into the attached hose.

When you are done. Leave the hose line activated.
Just turn off any valves on the hose itself.