GROUP VISITS  ALL youth camps, daycares, school groups, or groups with more than 15 kids, MUST call to schedule their visits.  Note: there must be minimum supervision of one adult (age 19 and over) per every five children in the group.  Unscheduled visits and/or having a lack of adequate supervision will result in being asked to leave.  Please call 307.637.6349 to schedule a visit.

RULES OF ETIQUETTE  In the interest of preserving a safe, educational and family friendly atmosphere for our guests and a secure habitat for our plants and property, please observe the following: Rocks. No throwing or skipping. Dogs. Gentle, well-behaved dogs on a 6 foot leash, held by an adult, are welcome. Look. Explore with your senses. Do not collect, climb or eat garden growth. Wet. Water is for thirsty plants, not thirsty people. Paths may be slippery.  Wading is permitted with grown-up supervision. If the water is above your knees you are in too deep. Walk. Recreational equipment is not permitted. Play. Guests under 12 must remain in the sight of their grown-up. Manners. Polite, joyful and creative language is encouraged. Recycle. Containers are available. Breathe.  Keep our air fresh. Smoking is prohibited. Weather. Due to inclement weather we may close for the safety of our guests. Ice. Stay off when present.

Staff may enforce any unwritten rule as deemed necessary for safety.