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Gardens passes in optional sales tax vote

The Cheyenne Botanic Gardens was recently on the Laramie County ballot to fund major greenhouse renovations and construct a new greenhouse/conservatory.

The initiative also included funding for operations, maintenance, and road realignment for increased safety. The ballot proposal total is $16 million. On August 21st local voters passed this proposition by 56%. The new greenhouse conservatory will also include meeting rooms, classrooms, garden store and an educational “Scope Pavillion,” that will feature a Navy submarine periscope, a microscope experience and a rooftop telescope viewing area.

The campaign mounted by the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens board and staff included numerous community presentations, print and web publicity along with the encouragement of residents to tie green ribbons on trees in lieu yard signs.

 “We are pleased and humbled by this positive vote from the people of Cheyenne and Laramie County. This will enable us to continue to provide and expand our services, develop more youth educational offerings and increase our attractiveness to regional, national and international tourists. We look forward to a bright future for the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens and our community. We will continue to be handmade by the volunteers of our city and county. The Gardens will now be able to grow as Cheyenne grows and can proudly showcase the fact that Cheyenne really is an oasis on the High Plains,” stated Cheyenne Botanic Gardens director, Shane Smith.

Depending upon the economy the tax will likely be fully collected in a total of 5 years. The anticipated time to begin construction is up in the air as city officials are investigating affordable finance options to start construction earlier rather than face negative impacts of inflation, loss of the dollar’s value and rising interest rates.

See the details of the initiative here.