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07-19-10 Botanic Gardens adds new water fountain in Paul Smith Children’s Village

Press Release.The Paul Smith Children’s Village has a new addition. A “Pretty Water” Fountain has been installed in the Jess and Elizabeth Tolterton Secret Garden. The water fountain is designed to allow children to paint with water.
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07-08-09 Paul Smith Children’s Village Featured on popular Website/Blog “Inhabitots”  

Web Coverage.
Featured on popular website “Inhabitots”
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05-21-2010 Botanic Gardens adds music to Paul Smith Children’s Village

Press Release.
Staff have recently installed a vertical xylophone, known as the “Swirl,” which is made of 25 chrome and brass chimes in C major and A minor, ranging in scale from soprano to alto. Children of all ages are welcome to play the instrument and make their own music while enjoying the outside Children’s Village. “This is a great new addition to the Children’s Village, because it provides an opportunity for music education, and allows for musical creativity in both the summer as well as in the winter,” said Shane Smith, Cheyenne Botanic Gardens Director.
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05-07-10 Mayor Kaysen proclaims National Public Garden Day

Press Release.
National Public Garden Day is a day to appreciate what public gardens do to enhance our quality of life and provide inspiration and education to communities across the country. 
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04-22-10 Cheyenne Botanic Gardens, Paul Smith Children’s Village celebrates LEED Platinum Certification

Press Release.
* The Paul Smith Children’s Village is the first Children’s Garden in nation to receive such a designation.
* Platinum is the highest rating a project can have.
* This is the first Platinum LEED designation in the City of Cheyenne
* It is the second Platinum LEED certification in the State of Wyoming
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04-01-10 “Paul Smith Children’s Village gets highest LEED certification”

Article in Wyoming Tribune Eagle.
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04-01-10 “City lays off 20 employees”

Article in Wyoming Tribune Eagle.
City lays off 20 employees, Botanic Gardens affected
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09-27-09 “City should honor pledge to Gardens”

Editorial in Wyoming Tribune Eagle.
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09-24-09 “Once again, Cheyenne gets it done”

Editorial in Wyoming Tribune Eagle about Paul Smith Children’s Village opening.
When friends come to visit and ask where they can take their kids, what do you tell them? Yes, there’s Fridays on the Plaza, but then what? Now they have this children’s garden.”
— Cheyenne City Councilman Mark Rinne.”
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09-23-09 “Windmill land destined for hotels, restaurants?”

Article in Wyoming Tribune Eagle.
Botanic Garden mentioned in article
“Windmill land destined for hotels, restaurants?”

“Such businesses would make sense for the city-owned site because it’s surrounded by recreational facilities, a city official said in a memo.”
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