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Water line replacement at Gardens

If you have strolled the grounds of the Botanic Gardens in the past few days you probably noticed a lot of construction. The Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities (BOPU) is replacing IMG 1873 Water line replacement at Gardenswater lines that traverse the grounds of the Botanic Gardens and Lions Park.

Much of the work includes pulling a new line through the ground rather than trenching. We are told that the work will be completed before June.

Director receives national award

SmithAward Director receives national award

The American Horticultural Society (AHS) has recently announced that Director, Shane Smith is a recipient of one of their 2012 Great American Gardeners Awards. According to the AHS, Smith has been honored with the Professional Award, which honors a “public garden administrator whose achievements during the course of his or her career have cultivated widespread interest in horticulture.” (more…)

Article in NYT on Garden Apps

Garden%20app Article in NYT on Garden AppsVisit this link to the New York Times web site for an interesting article about new apps to help you garden and do your own landscaping.

Read article here.



2012 Glass Art Celebration Winners

Best of Show: ‘Mosaic Guitar’ by Portia McCreerywordpress cropped stained glass 700x411 2012 Glass Art Celebration Winners

Artist Choice: ‘Brook Trout’ by Joan Millhollin

People’s Choice: Brook Trout’ by Joan Millhollin

Kid’s Choice:Soar’ by Layne Sheridan


02−29−12 Sixth-​​penny project list finalized

Article in Wyoming Tribune Eagle.
By Josh Mitchel
It is now official! The Botanic Gardens renovation, expansion and S. Lions Park safety road improvements will be on the ballot on August 21, 2012.
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Click here to view the Botanic Gardens 6th penny proposal brochure.

02−08−12 “Sixth penny list nears completion”

Article in Wyoming Tribune Eagle.
By Josh Mitchell
It appears the Botanic Garden is solidly on the ballot. The Cheyenne Recreation Center is back on the list. Ballot grouping was also discussed.
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02−03−12 “Rec center back on 6th-​​penny project list”

Article in Wyoming Tribune Eagle. by Josh Mitchell
Botanic Gardens is on the City of Cheyenne’s list that goes to the county-​​wide super committee.
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01−27−12 “Sixth-​​penny ballot slashed nearly in half”

Article in Wyoming Tribune Eagle.
Committee cuts list of projects to $105 million, saying it was too much. Now the city needs to  prioritize its projects.
Cheyenne Botanic Gardens Mentioned.
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02−01−12 “Councilors disagree on 6th-​​penny priorities”

Article in Wyoming Tribune Eagle. by Josh Mitchell
City Council develops a list of priorities. Botanic Gardens mentioned numerous times.
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01−31−11 “City bumps rec center off 6th-​​penny list”

Article in Wyoming Tribune Eagle. by Josh Mitchell
After tallying the votes, the following list of projects (in order of top priority from highest to least) was created:
* Public safety administration building, $25 million.
* Downtown flood-​​control project, $4.8 million.
* Botanic Gardens renovation and expansion, $16 million.
* Police radios, $1 million.
* Landfill equipment, $3 million.
* Municipal Pool renovation, $5 million.
* Christensen Road overpass planning, $1.5 million.”

“There will be a special meeting of the Cheyenne City Council’s Committee of the Whole beginning at 6 p.m. Thursday to review and provide a new priorities recommendation for city sixth-​​penny sales tax projects.

A special meeting of the governing body (mayor and City Council members) will begin at 7 p.m. Thursday to consider adopting the resolution.

Both meetings will be held in City Council Chambers, Municipal Building, 2101 O’Neil Ave., and are open to the public.”

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