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Gardens hit by massive hail

IMG 2513 250x444 Gardens hit by massive hailThe Cheyenne Botanic Gardens felt Mother Nature’s wrath on both Tuesday, June 24, and again on July 13th, as plants were leveled by hail storms that hit Cheyenne. Though the hail itself in both storms was only marble sized, the long duration and force of the storms made it devastating. (more…)

What to expect when you’re expecting El Niño

650x366 03261532 el nino reshapes the weathe What to expect when you’re expecting El NiñoCheck out this article from the magazine, “High Country News,” on the weather effects of the upcoming El Niño event that is predicted.
Not good news for Wyoming. We like the Old Farmer’s Almanac’s prediction much better: a warmer and wetter summer.

No need to spray Beetles

City and State Foresters are now saying that there is no need to continue to spray for pine beetles. Click here to view recent article in the Wyoming Tribune Eagle. The reasons for the lower population of beetles is speculative. Some believe it could simply be because the beetles have done such a good job of killing pine trees, that there aren’t many susceptible pines left for them to sustain a high population. The damage from pine beetles has been more severe in Cheyenne than in the other front range communities. However, some of the worst pine beetle damage can be found in Colorado’s Roosevelt National Forest in Larimer County.

The good news is for now, homeowners can save a lot of money by not having to spray EmeraldAshBorer No need to spray Beetlestheir trees. In the meantime, foresters in cities up and down the Front Range are weary about a new severe threat: the Emerald Ash Borer, which has recently taken up residence in Boulder County. The emerald ash borer has been marching across the (more…)

2014 US Bank Glass Art Celebration Winners

GlassArt Poster 2014 2 2014 US Bank Glass Art Celebration WinnersThanks to US Bank for a wonderful Glass Art Celebration.
Click here to view the 2014 US Bank Glass Celebration Show winners

Article on our renovation/​expansion

On February 2, 2014, the Wyoming Tribune Eagle published an article about our upcoming renovation/​expansion. You can read it here: WTE Article on Expansion-​​Renovation

Botanic Gardens renovates pond

P1030855 250x187 Botanic Gardens renovates pondThe CBG is rebuilding the lily pond in honor of the late Fred Baggs. The lily pond with its iconic blue arched bridge located near the main door at the Botanic Gardens, is one of the most photographed sites in town. It was first constructed in 1987, soon after greenhouse first opened. (more…)

Glass Art Celebration winners

IMG 0242 250x187 Glass Art Celebration winnersWho Won?
Click here
to view winners of the US Bank 2013 Glass Art Celebration.

See you at next year’s
US Bank Glass Art Celebration
At the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens
Feb. 7 – 16, 2014!
Thanks to the volunteers, artists, supporters, sponsors and the Glass Artists of Wyoming Club for a wonderful and successful show and celebration.

Grant Farms Files for Bankruptcy

mg 1579 Grant Farms Files for BankruptcyWe were saddened to hear that Colorado’s first organic farm has filed for bankruptcy. We were pleased to hear that according to Kathy Schmid, the store’s manager, Grant Farms Home and Garden store at at 2120 E. Lincolnway in Cheyenne, will remain in business (beginning with the new garden season in April) and will also tend to planters in Downtown Cheyenne, as it has a new contract with the Cheyenne Downtown Development Authority. We wish them the best of luck as they go through this restructuring and transition. Read more here and here.

Young gardener wins award

Calenr 0052 250x248 Young gardener wins awardJack Espinoza with the support of his mother and grandmother, decided he would mix his summer Botanic Garden Community Garden plot with his upcoming 4th grade science fair assignment. Jack meticulously recorded the input costs of his community garden and the value of his harvest to determine if the output IMG 0001 250x247 Young gardener wins award(vegetable harvest) would be worth the cost.

His conclusion was that gardening was indeed profitable. On top of that he received a blue ribbon at his school’s (Jessup) science fair. Now he moves onto the district science fair. Congrats and good luck Jack!

Old Farmer’s Almanac Winter Prediction

2013 ofa cvr hole 1 Old Farmers Almanac Winter PredictionThe Old Farmer’s Almanac is out for 2012 – 2013 and it doesn’t look good for the Rocky Mountains, although Cheyenne is predicted to be “wet and mild.” We suppose that that is better than “dry.” Click here to view the map Here is where you can find out more about the Old Farmer’s Almanac: Click here

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