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Carrots need room

Carrots will not produce edible roots if they are grown too closely together. Each plant needs a minimum of an inch between seedlings. One of the best ways to thin carrots is to use a small set of scissors rather than pulling them out. Simply snip the unwanted carrots at the soil line leaving one plant every inch. By being ruthless now, you can insure an abundant supply of homegrown, sweet carrots at the end of the season.

If you have trouble growing carrots try sowing them with radishes. The radishes easily sprout and then help to shade the soil which better enables the carrots to germinate. Either pull up the radish seedlings after the carrots come up under them or allow some of the radishes to go ahead and produce.

When you are preparing your carrot bed avoid too much manure as a soil amendment as it causes odd shaped and deformed carrots.

Take advantage of the many colors of carrots. It used to be that carrots were just orange. Now breeders have brought back many heirloom and unusual carrots that are everything from light yello0w to purple to dark red.

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