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April Gardening Q & A

Q. The seed racks are already out in the stores selling a wide variety of seeds. Are these seeds O.K. for growing in our short growing climate?

Most leafy and root crops are fine. But where possible go for the early varieties that seed racks and catalogs offer. This is especially important for seed for tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, eggplant and pumpkins and other winter squash.

Q. I have seen some Pansies for sale in some stores for planting outside. Can they really go out now?

A. Yes they can but keep a watch on the weather. If we dip into the teens you might want to pile some straw, pine needles or a plastic cover over them. They will bloom quite well until the real hot weather starts and are a great addition to a front planter or tub to add a lot of early season color.

Q. What is snow mold on lawns and how can it be prevented or cured?

A. Remember where the snowdrifts sat last winter? The lawn under a snowdrift is more susceptible to a grass fungus disease called “snow mold.” This area sometimes develops into mats of dead grass. To help prevent this, now is a good time to core aerate and rake this area. Go lighter with fertilizer where the snow sat as fertilizer can encourage fungus growth and cause dead patches. In bare spots consider re-seeding with a quality grass seed or take grass from areas where it is invading a flower bed and transplant it into the dead spots.