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Artichokes in the garden

Because most of the commercial artichokes come from California, people assume that they won’t grow in our shorter season areas. Actually you can grow edible artichokes here. They are not heavy producers and take up a bit of space but they are still not hard to grow and a fresh artichoke is always tastier than store bought.


A tough broadleaf evergreen

New Mexico Privet is a drought tolerant, large shrub native to the Rockies. It requires little in the way of water or care and thrives on the High Plains if you don’t over-​​water the plant. It is treasured for its white bark. With some base pruning to expose the bark it can have a similar look to aspen.

Hail Forecaster

This is a great site for a quick glance at our chance for hail each day. This is the time of year hail is frequent and devastating. Click here for some strategies for dealing with hail.

Click here to view short video of one of two devastating hail storms in 2011.