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Botanic Gardens 2012 Ballot Proposal

Note: this proposal was passed by the voters on August 21, 2012 by a 56% margin.
Thank you Cheyenne and Laramie County!!!!

08-22-12 Botanic Gardens ballot initiative passes

Article in Wyoming Tribune Eagle

Botanic Gardens –

A $16 million renovation and expansion to the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens will go forward, thanks to voters’ approval of the project.  Botanic Gardens Director Shane Smith said, “We feel really wonderful.” The renovation and expansion project will ensure that future generations can enjoy the Botanic Gardens, he added.  “I think it will be a big contributor to Cheyenne’s quality of life,” Smith said.  Voters approved it by a margin of 56% (12,091 vote) to 44% (9.579 votes).  The Botanic Gardens project will also help make the facility more of an education center for children, Smith said, adding that it will have a Navy submarine periscope installed.

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Plant an impenetrable spruce hedge

Blue spruce hedge at the Botanic Gardens

Hedges are living fences. They block wind, noise, neighbors and enclose space with a green wall. One unusual choice for a hedge is the common blue spruce.

A spruce hedge is both impenetrable and green year-round. The Cheyenne Botanic Gardens has a great example of a spruce hedge. We started with low cost, small blue spruce trees, which if left to their own, would grow into full-sized trees.They were planted in a straight line on 4′ centers.

By simply pruning the tips each June, we were able to trigger intense bushiness. Then as they approached the desired size and height, we began shaping the hedge with regular pruning (about once or twice each year in June and sometimes again later in the summer). Unlike many hedges, a spruce hedge totally impenetrable to people, dogs and the wind. It also a great wildlife habitat as it it always filled with many different birds who enjoy the protection that this hedge provides.

08-14-2012 Wyoming Tribune Eagle endorses Gardens

“Vote “yes” to move Gardens forward
Opinion in Wyoming Tribune Eagle

“Cheyenne’s Botanic Gardens are at a crossroads.
The people of Laramie County can launch this facility into a brighter, more exciting future, or they can watch it shrink before their very eyes. Given present circumstances, there is no standing still.
Because of that, the WTE editorial board recommends that residents vote “yes” on Proposition No. 4 on the sixth-penny sales tax ballot on Aug. 21.”
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Cut your own flowers and then arrange like a pro

Fresh, cut flowers are readily available. For the best presentation, avoid distracting over-decorated vases. Don’t allow flower stems to cross above the vase’s rim. The heaviest flowers and leaves go at the lower positions. Put darker flowers in lower positions and lighter colors towards the top. Don’t make the vase top heavy. Often one flower in a small vase works better than a complicated bouquet.

8-7-12 Cheyenne Herald endorses Gardens

Recommendations of the Cheyenne Herald:
August 7th edition.
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08-03-12 KGWN-TV Botanic Gardens Seek Sixth Penny Funding

KGWN-TV CBS-5 News Story
By Jenna Browder

The Cheyenne Botanic Gardens is vying for $16 million of the sixth penny sales tax.
In less than three weeks voters will fill out their ballots in Laramie County. One of the biggest decisions they’ll have to make is to support part, all or none of the sixth penny sales tax.               See video here

What is that moth that flies like a hummingbird?

Have you seen a moth that flies like a hummingbird? It is likely a “hornworm,” and are also are known as hawk, sphinx, or hummingbird moths. There are dozens of species found in Wyoming and they are among the largest of caterpillars, measuring up to ½ around and up to 4” long. Many have the characteristic horn. Most do little harm to crops and are fun to watch and help with some plant pollination.

However, the tomato hornworm species can do significant damage in a short amount of time in the garden. Look for larges holes in the leaves and you can’t miss the caterpillar with a horn on one end doing the eating. These caterpillars can be easily handpicked off plants (a great job for bug-loving kids).

Cheyenne Farmers’ Markets

Cheyenne has two Weekly Farmers’ Markets:
Tuesdays: 3:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Saturdays: 7:30a.m.-12:30p.m

Where: Depot Plaza in downtown Cheyenne.

Tea Party Gala

For more information contact:
Darcee at 307-637-6458

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