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Rabbit Sculpture lands in Village

A new sculpture made its debut today in the Paul Smith Children’s Village. It is a 6′ tall rabbit inspired from Alice in Wonderland and is titled “Late Again.” The sculpture was created by noted local artist Guadaloupe Barajas. It was a gift made in loving memory to A. J. “Tony” and E. L. “Jib,” Allegretti by Dan and Leah Allegretti.

Sculptor, Guadaloupe Barajas and Mason, Jim Johnson setting the new sculpture into the Village

“This is a wonderful gift to the Botanic Gardens Children’s Village, as it brings to life Alice in Wonderland which is celebrated each year during the Garden’s annual Mad Hatter Tea Party event, set to occur in early September. It is a great combination of whimsy and imagination and this sculpture will be treasured by generations to come. We are grateful for this gift and the excellent craftsmanship of Mr. Barajas,” said Shane Smith, Director of the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens.

Membership Pays

This is a great time of year to take advantage of sales at your local garden centers!Show your Cheyenne Botanic Gardens membership card and receive a 10% discount on non-sale items at:

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2121 East Mulberry, Fort Collins, Colorado

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A solution for slugs

Slugs eat small holes in the leaves and feed mainly at night. Slug damage can disfigure a plant fast. They tend to be happiest in the overwatered garden. Besides cutting back on water, there is a slug solution in your laundry room: dryer lint. Slugs will not crawl over dryer lint. Simply remove the lint from the dryer and roll it into a rope and circle it around the plants that are more prone to slug damage for simple, organic protection. Besides slug control you can save your drier lint year-round for your summer garden for use as a mulch or add to your compost pile.

New hours for Paul Smith Children’s Village

With school out and longer days of Summer we are please to provide longer hours in which you can enjoy the Paul Smith Children’s Village. Being open longer into the evening on Tuesdays allows for families to also take advantage of the free Movies in the Park after sunset at the Lions Park- Brimmer Amphitheater.

Tuesday and Saturday – 10-7
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – 9-5
Sunday – 10-4
Closed Monday

Smith receives 2nd national award this year

The National Garden Clubs Inc.  has announced that CBG Director, Shane Smith, has been honored their national “Award of Excellence.” National Garden Clubs is recognized as the largest volunteer gardening organization in the world. According to National Garden Clubs Inc. “the Award of Excellence program annually recognizes individuals, organizations or institutions that have made significant contributions to their communities in such areas as environmental and civic responsibility, conservation, beautification and promoting the love of gardening,”

Upon receiving this award, Smith stated To receive two national awards this year is a real surprise and honor. This exemplifies the fact that the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens is on the national radar as a landmark and something that the people of Cheyenne can be proud of especially because unlike other botanic gardens, ours is a project that is essentially handmade by volunteers. I see it as a tribute to this community and my small but incredible staff as well as a supportive City government.” Smith previously received the American Horticulture Society’s “Professional Award” as part of their overall Great American Gardener Awards for 2012.