Cheyenne Botanic Gardens News and Events

2012 Glass Art Celebration Winners

Best of Show: ‘Mosaic Guitar’ by Portia McCreery

Artist Choice: ‘Brook Trout’ by Joan Millhollin

People’s Choice: Brook Trout’ by Joan Millhollin

Kid’s Choice:Soar’ by Layne Sheridan

Wearable bead work:
1st: Maggie Endres for Blooming Ladybugs
2nd: Geraldine Jones for The Heart of It
3rd: Jutta Arkan for Champagne Taste

NON-Wearable Beadwork:
1st: Jutta Arkan for The Last Frontier
2nd: Jutta Arkan for Cholla Rain Showers

1st: Lynette Vieyra for Springtime Chickadee
2nd: Lynette Vieyra for Rosebud Lace on Blue
3rd: Lynette Vieyra for The Perfume of Tennessee

Hot Glass:
1st : Kathi Tarantola for Tall Vase In Chocolate Cream
2nd: Kathi Tarantola for Oriental Elegance
3rd: Kathi Tarantola for Small Vase In Chocolate Cream

1st: Rhonda McCune for Echinacea
2nd: Jennifer Heckman for Tropical Glow
3rd : Carter Price for Old West

Warm Glass:
1st: Jennifer Heckman for Dreamy
2nd: Pat Perry for Indian Blanket
3rd: Pat Perry for Woven Bowl

Painted Glass:
1st: Beth Rulli for Fanciful Fillies
2nd: Beth Rulli for Dragonfly Moon
3rd: Beth Rulli for Flower Moon

1st: Portia McCreery for Mosaic Guitar
2nd: Melanie Myron for Luna
3rd: Joy Oestringer for Strays

Flat Panel I:
1st: Sandra Baxter for Duck Redux
2nd: Sandra Baxter for Lily Oh Lily
3rd: Meghan Hesser for Daffodil

Flat Panel II:
1st: Layne Sheridan for Peace
2nd: Donna Schroeder for Harvest Moon
3rd: Lori Regner for Underwater Adventure

Flat Panel III:

1st : Dick More for Chickadees & Berries
2nd: Craig McCune for Cockatiel
3rd: Dick More for Quiet Waters